Our history


The son of a vinegrower-winemaker, I learnt to love nature and the vines at a very early age, later serving as an apprentice under my father. I took over stewardship of the family estate in 1977.

The use of Organic Agricultural technique here started experimentally in ’85-90, when I started to eliminate the use of chemical herbicides in favour of tilling part of my vineyards and using organic treatments. This convinced me of two things: that I have to breathe life back into my soils and that I absolutely had to protect our health – both that of the consumer and of the environment. We saw our land “come back to life”, with the protection we were giving to the micro-flora and fauna. The roots of our vines delved deeper into the soil to where the true terroir characteristics of each appellation are to be found and, after having suffered a little, they became more resistant.

In 2004, with my wife, Joëlle, by my side and backing me all the way, we totally changed the way we were living and working. We let 6 hectares of vines go and concentrated totally on the remaining 4½. We then applied for official conversion to Organic Agriculture (Ecocert Certification) and were awarded the AB brand from 2007.

We do every stage of the work here ourselves; from tending the vines, up to bottling and sales.

Our work methods are in continuous evolution, perfecting our techniques in working the soil, spraying and vinification. We prize quality over quantity; this took us naturally towards biodynamics and adhesion to DEMETER since the 2010 harvest. Including this system is a natural stage on our continuing ‘journey’.

The transformation it is making on our vineyards is truly noticeable. Our grapes are the refection of it and our wines show greater balance and expression.

We have belonged to and followed the quality specifications of an association called Renaissance des Appellations, set up by Nicolas Joly, since 2013.