Our profession

Wine is made in the vineyards

Work in the vineyards is our priority because the care given to get grapes at peak ripeness is a determining factor in the end quality of the wine.

Pruning: this is a long and painstaking job, but a milestone in the life of each vine.

Life in the soil is essential: we look after it by only ploughing and tilling using horse-drawn sheers; this ensures that the soil is not as compacted and that micro biotic life can develop there. Because the vines’ roots delve down deeper, they draw up more of the terroir’s characteristics.

Our vines grow slowly in spring, allowing us to keep (manual) trimming to a minimum.

Biodynamic agriculture takes the influence of the surrounding cosmos (moon, sun, planets) into account. We apply specific preparations, guided by the lunar calendar, these include plant ‘teas’ (horsetail herb, stinging nettle, yarrow and willow) as a complement to sulphur and low doses of copper. These all help to re-establish, activate life in the soil, reinforce plant resistance and support natural cycles.

Through these methods, that require a lot of physical effort and personal investment, we protect the flora and fauna and aim to achieve a balance between vines, soil and environment.


Grape picking and vinification :

Our ultimate aim is to get healthy grapes that are at peak ripeness.

Manual harvesting and strict sorting if necessary means that we can bring bunches that remain whole until pressing to the vatroom. Indigenous yeasts set off fermentation spontaneously. No sulphur is added during vinification. After 4 to 15-day maceration – depending on the appellation and the vintage – pressing is gentle and slow.

The wine clarifies in vats over the winter months; we then bottle the wine in the spring or summer of the following year. Light filtering over diatomaceous earth is carried out depending on the cuvée. 15 mg/Liter of sulfur are added at this stage. Our wines aren’t fined, meaning there may be a light deposit in the bottle. This is the guarantee of a natural and authentic terroir wine and has no effect on the quality.

Labelling, capsuling and casing are carried out as required for shipping.